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- At 419 pounds, Stavros Luca isn't your typical beauty pageant contestant. But that didn't keep this body-confident guy from entering the Mr. Gay UK contest. With overwhelming support in the audience, Stavros won 1st place! The story is amazing and inspirational, but it doesn't quite have a happy ending. The local news coverage erased him in the narrative, and event organizers
together in the sauna, stripped of all symbols of status, wealth or stature, all are equal; distance and respect become

openness and truthfulness." 84

65. Naturists are usually especially accepting of other people, just as they are. This really is an approach that is

undoubtedly related to the very fact that Naturists are usually more accepting of their own bodies, just
Before attending a FKK Naked Party or Bare Eventyou should read all our rules and behavior etiquette

This will ensure that everybody has a pleasant time and no one will feel uneasy! To read the rules, please click here

Nude Party and Naked Events Behavior Etiquette and Rules

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Nude Night Out #8: Take That Sandy, It Is Naked Cos
The Naturist Society:

June 17th-19th we went to the yearly Naturist Society (TNS) Eastern Gathering that happened at a large campground in northern PA. This was our first time attending this event alongside a couple hundred folks, and we had a pretty good time.

This week-long assembly consists of group discussions and seminars on various naturist / nudist matters and in addition int
Reply: Email us at: youngnaturists[at] If you try to contact us and do not hear back within 48 hours, please send us another email. We get many e-mails daily so, regrettably, one will sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Our naked parties will not be sexual in nature. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of and we believe that social naturism and social nudity are totally natural
undertook to strip and ran naked at Olympia, at the fifteenth Olympiad, was

Acanthus the Lacedaemonian.'14

There's a competing tradition told by Pausanias about Orsippos of Megara, "who

won a foot-race at Olympia running naked at a time when sportsmen used to wear

loincloths in the old style." There is a Hellenistic epitaph about Orsippos that

was insc
Jordan Blum: It is not the deficiency of showing dick per se It is only that it comes off like any MTV video where you have the men singing and the girls prancing around. It is merely the same ole tactic of using sex to sell. If this was the purpose then your heart demographic will be just like the Maxim Magazine readers - not the naturist community. I suppose the questions are - who are the targ
Skinny Dipping At Naked Hippie Acreage Woodstock NY

Skinny Dipping in Woodstock - This past weekend Jordan and I took a day trip to upstate New York. We went to Woodstock, home of the naked hippies. Well, they're not very nude anymore, but more on that later.

When people think of Woodstock, they normally think of the gigantic, renowned music festival that took place nearby in 1969.
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